Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh Memorial Book

Written by Anders Christian Madsen, a fashion writer who works closely with Virgil Abloh, the book consists of eight chapters that cover the eight men’s collections and shows Virgil designed for Louis Vuitton, as well as each of the sneakers he designed. It takes The reader into a world of oddity, experimentation, and iridescent colors, filled with rich cultural references and narratives, from The Wizard of Oz to African-American author James Baldwin, To the hip-hop of the 1990s and the heady drum solos of 1969.

Virgil Abloh’s close friends, including Nigo, Naomi Campbell, Luke Sabbat, Kendall Jenner and Kid Cudi, provide more than 320 photos and personal thoughts. A definitive account and exploration of their partnership that redefined not only dress codes but also the words they used. The book is interlaced with Virgil Abloh’s own sayings, or “Abloh isms,” and accompanied by in-depth explanations of the various stages of the designer’s tenure at Louis Vuitton, both personal and professional.

Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh is available on the official Louis Vuitton website in English/French (as well as in collections). For those who are interested, please visit.

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