2023 Chopard Award for Most Promising Actor

On May 19, 2023, at a dinner at the Carlton Beach Club, Natalie Portman, godmother of the Trophee Chopard Award for Most Promising actors, was nominated by Iris Knobloch, president of the Cannes Film Festival, and Thierry Fom, director general of the Festival Fremaux and Chopard co-president and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele were invited to honor the winners at a gala dinner. Actress Naomi Ackie and actor Daryl McCormack presented the award, witnessing the big moment in front of the film industry.

Chinese actress and 2008 Chopard Chopard Most Promising Actor (Trophee Chopard Award winner and Chopard Chopard brand Ambassador Tang Wei, Chinese actor and Chopard Chopard brand ambassador Zhu Yilong were invited to attend the event.

Since 2001, on the initiative of the seventh art lover Caroline Scheufele, Chopard has established a special Trophee Chopard award during the Cannes Film Festival, which is awarded annually to rising stars. To encourage and celebrate a new generation of talented filmmakers. The award ceremony, part of the official calendar of the 76th Cannes Film Festival, highlights the deep connection between the brand and the seventh Art.

This year’s two winners, actress Naomi Ackie and actor Daryl McCormack, accepted the prestigious trophy from their godmother, Natalie Portman.

The awards were presented at a lavish dinner at the Carlton Beach Club in Cannes, It was invited by Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard Chopard, Iris Knobloch, president of the Cannes Film Festival, and Thierry Fremaux, director general of the Festival.

Natalie Portman, two winners Naomi Ackie and Daryl McCormack, Chinese actress and 2008 Chopard Award for Most Promising Actor (Trophee) Chopard Award winner and Chopard brand Ambassador Tang Wei, Chinese actor and Chopard brand Ambassador Zhu Yilong, jury members Julia Ducourneau, Brie Larson, Maryam Tuzani Touzani, Ruben Ostlund, Paul Dano, Denis Menochet and Atiq Rahimi, And Carla Bruni, Charles Melton, Stacy Martin, Storm Reid and Hafsia Elch Herzi, Karidja Toure, Anthony Chen, Rish Shah, John C. Illy, Paula Beer, Emilie de Queen Dequenne, Alice Winocour, Davy Chou, Abd Al Malik, Laure de Clermont-Tornell Clermont-Tonnerre, Rossy de Palma, Lola Doillon, Cedric Klapisch and Natalie Marchal enjoyed a fine dinner served by two-Michelin star chef Bruno Olger.

After the dinner, French singer and songwriter Juliette Armanet entertained the audience, She performed her famous songs “Boum boum baby”, “L ‘Amour en solitaire”, “A la folie” and “Le dernier jour du disco and Qu ‘importe”.

Speaking about Chopard’s Trophee Chopard Award, Caroline Scheufele said, “Chopard firmly believes in the inheritance of art, that art can be sustained, This is also reflected in our continuous attention and training of brand art craftsmen. Naturally, we extended our focus on heritage to the seventh art, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to the art of cinema. The Trophee Chopard Award spotlights rising stars, encourages and celebrates them, and enables new actors to launch their careers. Past recipients of this award have lived up to the honor bestowed upon them.”

Designed by Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, the trophy, a thin silver ribbon wrapped in gold, is the same as the Palme d ‘or and all the trophies presented at the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, It is also made by the brand’s master jewellery artisans in their Chopard workshop.


Chopard has announced internationally renowned actress Tang Wei as its brand ambassador

On May 19, 2023, on the fourth day of the Cannes International Film Festival, the Swiss luxury jewelry watch brand Chopard officially announced the internationally famous actress Tang Wei as the brand ambassador at the Trophee Chopard Award ceremony held that night. This actress with superb acting skills, elegant temperament, unique style and abundant romantic heart will inject Chopard with outstanding Oriental female new charm and distinctive independent spirit. In the future, Chopard will join hands with Tang Wei to bring more brilliant and beautiful precious experiences to women in China and around the world with extraordinary aesthetics and ingenuity.

Tough and fearless, free and elegant, free and easy, these valuable characteristics let Tang Wei shine like a diamond: As an internationally renowned actress, Tang Wei’s acting has a kind of natural and quiet, she is willing to immerse herself in the role, with the love of performing arts and the refinement of acting skills, to fully experience and deeply reflect on each unique and fresh soul. She has created memorable female characters in films such as Late Fall, The Golden Age, Last Night on Earth, and The Breakup Resolution. Won the Cannes International Film Festival Chopard Chopard Most Potential actor Award, Taiwan Golden Horse Award Best New Actor, South Korea’s Best Actress, South Korea’s Blue Dragon Film Award Best actress, China Film Directors Association Actress of the Year, Beijing University Student Film Festival Best Actress and many other awards including extraordinary honors. It left a moving mark in the history of world film. In addition to light and shadow, Tang Wei also chooses to return to her true self, to embrace and experience life with her heart. She listens to the true meaning of life in the perception of nature, talks to the pure soul in getting along with her heart, and captures the auspicious picture of a happy life with the love and sincerity contained in her heart. Curiosity for life, goodwill to the world, it is this never devoid of pure and firm, the achievement of the unique Tang Wei.

Tang Wei has long been associated with Chopard and the Cannes International Film Festival. Since 1998, Chopard has been a partner of the Cannes Film Festival for more than 26 years. With the infinite enthusiasm for the “seventh art” and the firm heart of long-term companionship, Chopard set up the most promising actor Award (Trophee Chopard) to encourage and praise the outstanding actors and actresses who have made a wonderful performance on the screen. At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, Tang Wei received the honorary trophy from Gwyneth Paltrow, the godmother of the Trophee Chopard Award at the time, for her exquisite performance. Fifteen years later, Tang Wei appeared at the Trophee Chopard Award ceremony as the brand ambassador of Chopard, which can highlight the unique fate and precious emotion between the brand and Tang Wei.

On the night of the award ceremony, Chopard brand ambassador Tang Wei made a stunning appearance with two sets of styles, showing the romantic and elegant style. The first Red Carpet style is matched with Chopard Red Carpet jewelry series, which reveals graceful temperament in every gesture and gesture, adding moving style to the overall style.

Emotional craft master Chopard will join hands with brand Ambassador Tang Wei to inspire people’s inner emotions with jewelry aesthetics, explore the profound influence of jewelry art on women’s style, and jointly write a long-term commitment to the “seventh art”.


“Lotus Cotton Heartstrings” SHIATZY CHEN 23/24 Autumn/Winter collection appreciation meeting

Recently, SHIATZY CHEN Shiatzy Chen held the Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 “Lotus HEARTSTRINGS” series appreciation at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. The glorious moment of the Paris show in March this year was reproduced in this space that integrates classic and contemporary, and everyone enjoyed and witnessed the new men’s and women’s clothing series and accessories brought by Ms. Wang Chen Caixia, the design director, which was shocking and amazing as always.

SHIATZY CHEN 2023/2024 Autumn/Winter series, design director Ms. Wang Chen Chaixia, starting from the “heart”, with closer emotional connection between people as the idea, from the ancient Chinese women’s hand-embroidered, deposited and conveyed feelings of inspiration, the exquisite aesthetic and deep love of the Oriental nation into continuous embroidery thread, Interwoven in the western classic clothing concept. The theme of “Ho Mian” triggers a long and flexible creativity in the bottom of my heart, and plays a concerto that reflects the eastern and Western clothing art, transcends cultural barriers, and creates a blend of styles.

The retranslation of “Ho Mian” is on the peninsula
This SHIATZY CHEN Autumn and Winter series appreciation will look for a quiet and elegant corner in the Wangfu Peninsula, focusing on the “purse” style scenery as the background, highlighting the large silk device symbolizing the continuous heart. It flows in the space in the form of solemn and ingenious, creating a warm atmosphere at the turn of spring and summer, presenting a magnificent and auspicious scene. Accompanied by melodious and graceful, full of heart music ethereal in the space, harp and melody, concert interpretation launched the focus of this appreciation 2023/2024 autumn and winter series – inspired by ancient Chinese women personally embroider and sew the “purse” for their favorite people, deduce on the fashion, and interpret its meaning into the heart of the long original heart into silk embroidery thread, Outline both twin and complementary ends; The gorgeous fashion representing the East and the West respectively bloom in the similar outline, conveying that the two ends of the Chinese and Western cultural perspectives are in contrast to each other, but in the contemporary era, they are full of each other’s differences and similarities.

Ms. Chen Caixia, the brand design director, gives the overall outline shape of the Chinese bag like the atrium, takes the shape of the middle type, and extends the rounded lines of the Oriental traditional clothing to the cut version, the collar front, the pocket cover, etc., and should be combined with the elegant Chinese cardigan cut Western-style flashy court vest; Elegant horse-face skirt swaying with the pace, in a twinkling of an eye, the low-waisted wave skirt of Western romance hit again; The elegance of the literati Tang suit is set off against the gorgeous unrestrained western knight coat… The Chinese Qipao dress is cut in jacquard fabric and lace, in contrast to the Western special version of the maxi dress: the elegant silhouette of the small dress is sampled from the Chinese belly collar, the Western thin strap mimics the brand’s classic bag neckline design; The Chinese-style jacket with stand-up collar and fringe hemline echoes the Western-style military jacket. In terms of material, the western twill cloth and metal fringe silk are made into Chinese dress, and the volume of the down coat is extended with moire embroidery lines, or the imitation of traditional Kesi brocade and Western classical brocade pattern. The rich texture carries the beauty of the difference between the East and the West. Among the new items on display, cheongsams and cardigan cuts appeared in abundance, crisp necklines and ironed waists to outline a warm posture, and Western-style wide-sleeved coats and floor-length dresses to simulate the heart-shaped outline of a purse gave a sense of body power wrapped in gorgeous fabrics. Of course, there is a clash of distinct styles: the literati Tang suit mirrors the court knight jacket, the metal down style uffin-lined Hanfu horse-face skirt, the tweed jacket with Chinese pleated trousers.

Handbags are important accessories to interpret the theme of handbags. Inspired by the jade material beloved by Oriental women, Ms. Wang Chen Caixia, the brand design director, integrates the classical charm and modern three-dimensional line sense of the handbag shaped handbag with the jade bracelet as the handle, and synchronically publishes other deformation models and multi-purpose “handbag” with the design ingenuity of blending things. Reflect the new generation’s diverse ways to express themselves.

Under the “lotus sponge” embroidered vientiane
This summer SHIATZY CHEN combines her best classic embroidery techniques with innovative hand embroidery techniques. Phoenix, peonies and fine moire patterns, which symbolize the riches and fortune of the East, are displayed in a large, magnificent manner. This season’s opening version of the teal flower depicts the white rabbit riding the phoenix through the vast mountains and seas, facing the bright bright scene. Embroidery, as an element of conveying feelings in the purse, also shines brightly in this series. Designers through the classic embroidery technology superimposed innovative hand embroidery techniques, interpretation of nature, all living things. The rich three-dimensional visual changes and real and delicate texture are fascinating.

Exquisite heavy industry embroidery has always been SHIATZY CHEN Shiatzy Chen proud of the brand characteristics, but also reflects the brand artisan spirit, highlight the charm of traditional Oriental handicraft carrier. In this autumn and winter series appreciation meeting, we specially selected the latest advanced handwork series to show the media friends the unparalleled embroidery craft of Shazi CHEN SHIATZY CHEN, and meet the customized needs of high-end customers. With many years of embroidery experience, Xia Zi Embroidery Niang also showed the classic embroidery crafts such as seed embroidery, net embroidery, and needle embroidery at close range, superimposed innovative hand embroidery techniques, rich three-dimensional visual changes and true and delicate texture that impressed the visiting media.

New time different interpretation
Strong actor Wang Jiajia also came to the scene of Xia Zi Chen 2023 Autumn and winter appreciation, the role of Huang Liru in the recent hit “The Long Season”, she is loved by everyone; Also came to the scene and the young actor Huang Yao, with superb acting, popular with her, the enthusiastic atmosphere of the scene. In addition to enjoying the new fashion series, they personally experienced the craftsmanship of Oriental hand embroidery, and felt the incomparable charm of Chinese aesthetics up close.

SHIATZY CHEN has always adhered to the mission of delivering “Huaxia new style”, and every season’s works are innovative and seeking change, leading the audience to feel the charm of the blend of Chinese and Western fashion, as well as the craftsmanship of classic embroidery. Do not follow the trend, adhere to innovation, exquisite craftsmanship is the brand value that SHIATZY CHEN has always adhered to, based on the deep heritage of traditional Chinese culture, focusing on the infinite connotation of Oriental beauty, and skillfully integrated into the Western design style, presented on the international stage, connecting the eastern and Western fashion scenery, so that the new Chinese style is enduring.

About Shazy Chen

Founded in 1978, Xia Zi Chen, meaning to create “Chinese new style”, is the hope that through the transformation of creation, the style of history and culture and contemporary style, made just the right modern outline. Xia Zi Chen Design Director and brand soul – Ms. Wang Chen Caixia, for the attitude of clothing technology, from the touch of the fabric to the presentation of color patterns, are the pursuit of perfect details in place. In each season, the design is combined with the current international trend, while injecting contemporary fashion aesthetics, integrating the concept and elements of traditional Chinese culture, making it a classic style of SHIATZY CHEN, and giving the clothing new vitality. So far, Chachy Chen has exhibited in Paris Fashion Week for 29 seasons, upholding the essence of going all out, aiming to become a well-known Eastern brand on the international stage with world-class products.


Valentino The story of love

2022-2023 Autumn/Winter Collection Pink Valentino collection PPP Love story. For the second chapter of the text-only campaign, creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli invited internationally renowned writers to give their input, creating 17 personalized and impact-conscious campaign layouts.

What are these powerful words? A story of love and compassion. Valentino House and Pierpaolo Piccioli are known for empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

“I think poetry is a romantic way of life, towards work, towards everything. I think we’re romantics. In the end, it changes the way you see life, the way you approach life, work, people, “- Pierpaolo Piccioli.

The art of storytelling, moving, deeply understanding life, feeling what everyone in the world knows — this is probably the most important tool, I would say weapon, today.

What makes humans human? A feeling, a sense of empathy, and understanding that another person feels the same way as you. The goal of narrative storytelling is to tell stories that make you feel the same way. Every time you tell someone a story about an event or event of your day, you participate in a form of narrative. The experience of “reliving” and “retelling” resonates.

Everyone has feelings and gets hurt by something. This engagement is probably the only way we can, the media, the fashion houses, the designers, the journalists, the filmmakers – the creative crowd, to get close to these 20 year old Russians who are torturing, raping, killing babies, children, old people… I’m asking, how is this possible? Don’t they have mothers, younger siblings, grandparents? Or have they been lucky enough to develop empathy, understanding and affection for other people, other forms of life?

I’ll put it simply. Valentino House is a wonderful story about love, feelings and a profound understanding of life. Famous international writers wrote their works to remember. We are all appalled by the horrors committed by young Russians in Ukraine. A group of 20-year-old Russian men tortured for three days and killed 78-year-old writer and journalist Yeven Bar. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists and the National Union of Writers, and is the author of such books as “Buck the Navigator’s Meridian,” “Waterways Unknown,” and “Chronicles of the Philemon Dog.”

We live in the twenty-first century. The human and ecological situation before this war in Ukraine is the only challenge we face. We are all appalled by the behaviour of young Russians. Remarkably, the men first took “things” from the victims’ homes and then delivered them to their families. So everything starts with “goods”, “luxury”. And then a few years later we’ll see these men coming to Europe and America, and we’ll see these men craving and buying luxury goods, like those made by Valentino.

Perhaps it starts here, with empathy, which can be provided by luxury goods makers. An empathetic person cannot kill another person. So let’s write empathic messages about love for another person on luxury items — on bags, jackets, jeans. So when these people buy them, wear them, see themselves in the mirror wearing them – maybe the message will finally fall into their cruel minds. And this is not the utopia of “flower power”, it is probably a way of awakening.

Valentino is The author of The Narratives
Douglas Coupland
Douglas Coupland is a Canadian writer and visual artist. His first novel was the 1991 international bestseller Generation X: Stories of Accelerating Culture. He has published fourteen novels, three collections of short stories, eight non-fiction books, and numerous works for stage, film, and television. Coupland’s first major solo art exhibition debuted at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2014, and the show has since toured international museums. His latest book, published in XNUMX 2021, is Binge, available through local bookstores.

Alok Menon
ALOK (they/they) are internationally renowned authors, poets, performers, collaborators, median and public speakers. As Hybrid – media artists Their work explores themes of trauma, belonging and the human condition. They are the authors of Open Women (2017), Beyond the Gender Binary (2020) and Your Wound/My Garden (2021). They are the creators of #DeGenderFashion: a movement to bring down the fashion/beauty industry, and have been named HuffPo’s Culture Changers, NBC’s Pride 50, and one of Business Insider’s Doers.

Over the past decade, they have performed at more than 40 venues in 600 countries, most recently headlining the 2021 New York Comedy Festival. On screen, they appeared in HBO’s late-night sketch series Random Acts of Flyness and The 2016 documentary The Trans List. They can currently be seen in the Netflix documentary series Curious About JONATHAN VAN NESS.

The Englishman Bennett
Brit Bennett was born and raised in Southern California and earned a master’s degree in fiction from the University of Michigan. Her debut novel, Mother, was a New York Times bestseller, and her second novel, Half Gone, immediately became a New York Times bestseller. Her novels have been translated into nearly three dozen languages, and her prose has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review and Jezebel.

Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham is the author of six novels: Home at the End of the World, Flesh and Blood, Time (winner of the PEN Falkner Prize and the Pulitzer Prize), Specimen Day, Nightfall and the Ice Queen, as well as as a reimagined collection of fairy tales, Wild Swans and other stories, all published by Farrar Straus & Giroux, Land’s End: A Walk in Provincetown, a nonfiction book published by Random House. He is a senior lecturer in English and creative writing at Yale University.

Andrew Sean Greer
Andrew Sean Greer is The best-selling author of six works of fiction, including “The Confessions of Max Tivoli and Less.” He is the recipient of an NEA Grant, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. He lives in San Francisco and Milan. His seventh book, A Little Less, will be published in XNUMX 2022.

Hanif Kureishi
Hanif Kureishi grew up in Kent and studied philosophy at King’s College London. His novels include “The Buddha of Suburbia,” which won the Whitbread Award for Best First Novel, “The Black Album,” “Intimacy” and “The Last Word.” His screenplays include “My Beautiful Laundromat,” which was nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay, “Sammy and Rosie Get It” and “Weekend.” He has also published several collections of short stories. He has received the Order of Knight of Arts and Letters and has been translated into XNUMX languages.

Fatima Fahern Mirza
Fatima Farheen Mirza was born and raised in California and now lives in London. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her debut novel, A Place For Us, became an instant New York Times bestseller and was translated into seven languages.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski is an author, entrepreneur, actress, activist, and model. Her debut collection, My Body, was released by Metropolitan Books on September 2020, 2021 and became an instant New York Times bestseller. Her New York Magazine article (the magazine’s most read story of the year for XNUMX) cemented the book deal, titled “Buy Yourself Back,” which sparked a widespread discussion around copyright and the ownership of images.  

Following this post, she created a work of concept art and NFT for XNUMX 2021 and sold them through Christie’s auction house, continuing to raise questions about the nature of authorship while returning a misappropriated Instagram post to its digital local terrain. Over the past five years, Ratajkowski has managed to convert her 280,000 Instagram followers into the successful DTC clothing line Inamorata, while continuing to work as a highly sought after fashion model.

David Sedaris
David Sedaris is the best-selling author of 2,023 books, including the upcoming essay collection Happy-Go-Lucky (Little, Brown and Company, 4, 2019). He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker and BBC Radio XNUMX. In XNUMX, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is the recipient of the Thurber Award for American Humor, the Jonathan Swift Award for Satirical Humor, and the Terry Award for Southern Humor.

Amia Srinivasan
Amia Srinivasan is Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at All Souls College, Oxford University. Her essays – on animals, offal, death, universities, technology, political anger and other subjects – have appeared in the London Review of Books, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Harper’s, Tank and elsewhere. Her first book, Sexual Rights: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century, was published in 2021.

Melissa Broad
Melissa Broder is the author of the novels “Milk Feeding” and “Pisces,” the essay collection “So Sad Today” and five collections of poetry, including “Super Doomsday: Selected Poems.”

Mieko Kawakami
Miceko Kawakami is the author of the international bestselling novel Breasts and Eggs, named the “New York Times” Famous Books of the Year and one of the Top 2020 Books of the Decade. The work will be adapted into a play and performed at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany, on XNUMX 2022. Heaven, her second novel will be translated into English and published, and Oprah Daily is described as “having a jagged, visceral beauty”. Has been shortlisted for the 2022 Man Booker International Prize.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Kawakami made his debut as a poet in 2006 and published his first novella, My Self, My Teeth and the World, in 2007. Her works, known for their poetry, insight into women’s bodies and concern for ethics and modern society, have been translated into more than two dozen languages. Kawakami’s literary awards include the Akutagawa Prize, Tanizaki Prize, and the Murasaki Shibe Prize. She was named one of the best young novelists in Japan by Granta in 2016. She lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Elizabeth Acevedo
Elizabeth Acevedo is a New York Times bestselling author X poet who has won the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, the Michael L. Pulentz Award, the Pura Belpre Award, the Carnegie Medal, the Boston Globe Horn Book Award, and the Walter Medal. She is also the author of High Fire, which was named Best Book of the Year by the New York Public Library, NPR, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Magazine, and Clap Your Hands When You Land, which is the Boston Globe – Trumpet Book Honor Book and Cokes finalist.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in performing arts from George Washington University and a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Maryland. Acevedo is a researcher at Cave Canem, Cantomundo, and a participant in the Callaloo Writers’ Workshop. She is a national poetry Grand Slam champion and lives in Washington, D.C. with her lover.

Sai Long Chung
Serang Chung is a writer who constantly presents contemporary features and personalities. She writes about communities and the individuals within them with unique emotional touches. Her latest interest is in environmental science fiction.

Serang’s career as a writer began when she published a story “Dream, Dream, Dream” in SF fantasy magazine “Fantastique”. She won praise and attention for her first novel, I Miss Your Bite, which blended genres from science fiction to historical fiction. The following year, she released her second novel, Hana From Earth, an eco-love story set in science fiction.

In 2013, she won the Longwall Prize for Fiction for So Close. In 2017, she won the Hantailbo Literature Prize for her work “Fifty” and has been repeatedly recognized for her literary achievements. Seelang’s other well-known works include “Jae-in, Jae-Wook, Jae-Hoon,” about three siblings with minor superpowers, and “School Nurse Ahn Eun-Young,” about a school nurse who performs an exorcism. The latter is also being adapted into a Netflix Korean original series in 2020.


DIOR 2022 Spring/Summer Color Analysis

In this article, I will explain the color trends chosen by brand creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri for DIOR’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

We will try to understand Maria Grazia Chiuri’s vision and what she is trying to say with the colours, prints and symbols she has chosen.

The identity of such an iconic house has always been about color. Christian Dior comes in two colors: Trianon GREY, or Montaigne GREY, and RED.

Maria Grazia Chiuri chose a variety of colors to give them a sense of rhythm.

Watch out for color! Choosing well can produce a gorgeous look, while random or chaotic choices can be just the opposite – ugly or even vulgar in appearance.

Whether Maria Grazia Chiuri is aware of the color strategy is what we will see when analyzing the appearance.

Black and white Dior
We are in the midst of a questionable symbolism: a style that seems sensible and classic. The black and white shapes suggest they were designed for ladies who regularly went to church to confess. This is very Italian indeed. This is a medieval vision of peasant women. Short, extremely short skirts and dresses symbolized the vision of “little life” women seeking pious challenges. The Italian version of the “small-minded” Puritans.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the Christian Dior code. To say it has a “modern look” is not saying much. Puritanism has never been modern, it has always had to do with the rejection of something different and even more with extinction… Perform any variety related.

Among the 87 looks in DIOR’s Spring/Summer 22 collection, 2022 will feature a black and white “Puritan” look.

Orange Dior Look
Christian Dior likes vibrant and strong fuchsia and red, the color of love. With ORANGE, you take less risk. Maria Grazia Chiuri chose this color because she thought it was a color adopted by French women because of its pungent but less aggressive breath, and therefore more approachable than red, and generally considered more vulgar.

With ORANGE, we see this as a prudent choice by Maria Grazia Chiuri… We’ll see what happens next.

Yellow Dior
Maria Grazia Chiuri chose one color for the overall look. Although she ignored not only the Christian Dior color code, but the French code.

Yellow is not a favorite color in France or the United States.

History tells us that there is no “good journalism” in its use.

Dior Green
Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Big pari is presented with a complete green look.
My article on GREEN will give you instructions for using this very, very controversial color. Read it here.

Green is the color most associated with superstition. Do you think these are old superstitions? Think again. Also, green is the most complicated color to copy and is unstable.

Green is widely used as a symbol of ecology, cleanliness and sustainable development. When it comes to color, the choice is complicated.

Maria Grazia Chiuri created the green look with short skirts and suits, and wanted it to be the best. Will she win? We’ll see.

“Taste is the enemy of creativity,” said Pablo Picasso.
Are we in front of a creative genius who makes fun of Christian DIOR?

The following look is the strong current color. We are a far cry from Christian Dior’s color choices.

According to Maria Grazia Chiuri, she revitalizes the brand with intense colors and rhythms as well as a sporty look. A fundamentally inelegant result.

John Galliano brought his luxury and creativity while respecting the brand norms of DIOR.

When I saw Maria Grazia Chiuri, I was completely confused. I saw the colors of the boxing uniforms were messed up.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s vision: The woman of tomorrow will wear brightly coloured boxing outfits so that we can see her from a distance, and she can take on those who try to annoy her.

It was the opposite of her black and white Puritan style.

At the end of the boxing suit, we see a variety of colorful looks with animal prints, which we find many times.

A message? Not sure… Safari fashion, perhaps?
I noticed the confident rhythm of light blue and pink or red, and the discreet look of adding orange to green.

Maria Grazia Chiuri offers us a white jeans look with matching pieces from previous looks. The prices of other brands have been seen and are more interesting, and most importantly, because the buyer is involved in customization.

The looks are reminiscent of the customisation that blooms in all urban brands.

There was a time when Christian Dior took us to cocktail parties and Maria Grazia Chiuri took us to safari parks! But where exactly? Even better – these are “real factory women” in the “Off-White” mood. Perhaps rich and frustrated customers are considering taking a risk in this garment?

After the hunt, we are ready to spend a night among these shiny fabrics in different colors. We are back to Christian Dior with shorter dresses.

We ended the parade with a long dress, as if it were necessary… Maria Grazia Chiuri takes over the colour of the soulless maquille and digresses.

At first glance, I was happy to see the color choice. But when I started to analyze it, I realized that the colors were actually hiding a great sadness, a boredom… Where is the creativity of DIOR brand?

The final pieces were reminiscent of the DNA of the house of Christian Dior, but dressed like a farmer’s wife at a ball. When energy is negative, the most beautiful colors fade.

“Style knows who you are, what you mean, and what you don’t care about,” -Orson Welles. Maria Grazia Chiuri, why did you present these looks under the name of the prestigious Maison DIOR?


Valentino 2022-2023 Fall/Winter Haute Couture Collection

A conversation between a brand and its city of birth, creative director and founder. Each idea is derived from its predecessor and has evolved since its inception.

Walking down Rome’s historic Piazza Spagna, Pierpaolo Piccioli presented Valentino The Starting Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection.

Rome is finally regaining its rightful place on the international fashion stage. Between the incredible seven months of work Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, City councillors and event assessors Alessandro Onorato, Maison Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Alessio Vannetti. A remarkable piece of work that led to the construction and writing of a “slice” of fashion history featuring Rome.

Philip Treacy’s hat for Valentino was the beginning of Roman haute couture
Magic imbued Rome with grace and grace. Pierpaolo Piccioli creates stylish fireworks with the support of hat designer Philip Treacy.

Pierpaolo Piccioli tells the story of Valentino, the beginning of Roman haute couture
“The lab is able to rehearse amazing performances, and people who pass by stop to watch, and something amazing is happening, right here. So thank you again Rome, you made my dream come true, “– Pierpaolo Piccioli.

“In a way, the whole show is the result of constant conversations I’ve had with Mr. Valentino over the years; Often real conversation, sometimes imaginary conversation, often unconscious.
Through my work, I want to be a witness to the world I live in, and in order to do that, when I’m faced with a new project, I have to be able to do it with fresh eyes. I need to let myself fall into a whispering oblivion, a oblivion in which ideas and creativity are not weighed down by the weight of memory, and memory is respected without nostalgia, but through unconscious knowledge of our heritage.

Rome is where it all began. Life, people, our stories and identities are all here. We belong to this place as much as this place belongs to the world and Valentino.
Piazza Espana is a symbol of art and history, but for all of us, it is also our daily life, our working environment, the subway station, lunch breaks, taxis, rainy days and sunshine, coffee.
It is a natural extension of the studio, a stage for our stories, an important environment that absorbs and gives back to all of our energies and dreams.

This is the beginning, this is who we are.” Pierpaolo Piccioli

“Rome is where it all began, the life, the people, our story and identity. We belong to this place as much as this place belongs to the world and Valentino.” ​
Pierpaolo Piccioli

Fendi Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 haute Couture

“This season, I wanted to get away from Rome, or at least I wanted to put Rome in a global context,” says Kim Jones, artistic director of haute couture and womenswear. “In this series, we are studying fragments of different cities, namely Kyoto, Paris and Rome. The fragmented nature of things reverberates throughout the series, like fragments of memory or impressions of things past, present and future.”

This season, the artisans at Jones and Fendi studios see the couture collection as the most classic of works, where repetition, transparency and fragments of the past frame the present and subtly move into the future.

The tradition of haute couture is both human and approachable, light and airy, bringing a sense of light, clarity and ease to the wearer. Gone are the grand mansions, replaced by a softer, more subservient sense of simplicity and agency by the woman in the costume.

Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, is the starting point. Here, fragments of XNUMX century kimono fabric were found, which became the basis for future recreations and reinterpretations of the collection. Kata Yuzen, a painstaking manual printing and painting technique
Unchanged for hundreds of years, used again in these manufacturing.

Made as traditional silk inserts in Kyoto, where they are cut and reshaped asymmetrically into floor-length dress styles. The layered Acer palmatum leaves from the fabric design – named Ode to Autumn in the 1700s – were featured throughout, especially in a proliferation of delicate embroidery that culminated in the collection’s final tulle gown.

Throughout autumn and winter, the parallels between east and west, masculine and feminine, natural and artificial, traditional and modern. Kata Yuzen dresses echo the continental style, finding their counterpart in meandering, flickering crystal cages that are more Parisian in their construction and making, but still ultimately frame and yield to the body.

Incorporate a French “Japonisme” and art Deco deco feel in flou, and add more Italian-inspired tailoring to Vicuna, leather and fur pieces. A nod to the male tailoring code is found in Vicuna fabric suits and cognac calfskin pieces, whose structure is emphasized inside and sometimes outside. There is also personal pleasure, just for the construction of the wearer’s many items – inside, traditional Japanese fabric is used as the lining and quilting of suits, as well as the support of dresses.

The virtuosity of Fendi Fur Studio is reflected in the inlaid structure of the shaved mink suit. Here, an abstract reinterpretation of another traditional Japanese fabric fragment from the XNUMX century is realized — called “Rope Mountain,” which is both the foundation and memorial of the collection.

Dior Spring/Summer 2023

Dior 2023 spring/summer ready-to-wear show spread out on Baidu’s Meta ZiWU platform, and by RUNWAY Spatial magazine, the new Web3 (3d network — Yuanyuan) social media network.

The map of Paris, sugar plums, flowers and underwear were, of course, the main themes of this Dior collection. Dior Couture House creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri once again presents the Italian laundromat for spring/summer 2023. The lingerie collection was very intricate and elaborately handmade, but she forgot to make the dress to wear it. So models paraded in bras and underwear through a dark forest environment. Perhaps this is another of her sexual fantasies about Snow White, where she finds herself almost naked facing the monsters of the forest. The Spring/Summer Dior 2023 collection complements the Dark Tinker Bell collection she presented for Dior Autumn/Winter 2021-2022.

Each Maria Grazia Chiuri collection aims to open up space for creative imagination. For the spring/Summer Dior 2023 ready-to-wear collection, the creative director of Dior’s womenswear collection specifically used a map image of Paris from the brand archive, printed on scarves and around Avenue Montaigne *. So she found her own path between autobiography and reflection. Then there is the Tuileries Gardens, commissioned by Catherine de Medici. The Italian aristocrat, who arrived at the French court in 1533, remains a symbol of women’s relationship with power, charmed Maria Grazia Chiuri with her political acumen and introduced innovative products such as high heels, corsets, and Burano lace to royal manufacturers.

Women know how to explore magical territory because they have a special connection to nature and its life force. They listen to the turmoil that often traverses them. That most hidden country, at the same time in shadow and wonder, like Baroque caves, inspired artist Eva Jospin’s decoration for this exhibition at the center of the Tuileries Garden.

By not adhering to a predetermined existence, women are able to exercise power in many ways, including through thought escape. The power of fashion becomes the power of women, a form of consciousness that uses this appeal to the outside world, to things beyond perception, knowledge and ordinary experience. Fashion speaks to reality through technique; The costume of the court was transformed. Maria Grazia Chiuri updated the corset, giving it a semi-geometric shape to outline the bust. As a result, guepiere is alternately hidden and visible, creating silhouettes reminiscent of the wide skirts worn at the court of Catherine de Medici. The old tradition, the Lafite coat decorated with flowers and birds, is also re-interpreted with Dior’s creativity and modern professional technology.

This collection pays tribute to fashion as an art of invention, capable of redefining the city of Paris again and again, each time perpetuating multiple aspects of its history. Fashion as an urban concept showcases clothes that add color to the Spaces of our time; The city serves as a backdrop for the material and immaterial imagination of fashion and other things. As a means of showing the city, the map expresses the cultural complexity of our time and celebrates the power of the women who navigate it every day.

* This Dior scarf was created in the early 1950s.


Giorgio Armani Runway spring/Summer 2023

A thin thread connects one series to the next, each lighter than the last as themes and forms are further explored. For the Giorgio Armani women’s collection, the line was illuminated with a golden glow that accentuated the figure, created details and fused with the texture of the fabric and accessories, decorating them with light. Silhouettes always complement flat shoes, long, flowing, as fleeting as desert mirages: light overcoats, flowing jackets, ape trousers and weightless skirts blend and overlap in spontaneous movements that remove any weight from the wardrobe and embrace the feminine figure of sweet spirituality.

It was perfect, as usual.

Discover Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2023 Collection RUNWAY MAGAZINE Universe – Metaverse space. Mirror the Metaverse world as real as we created it. Fashion is a concept, created by people. A metabound is a concept of a concept. This is not a new reality, it is a realistic concept. Explore Giorgio Armani’s latest collection as a concept.